Safety Inspection For the Modern Age

A powerful, intuitive, and flexible ITM software solution, LIV enables you to efficiently manage fire safety and regulatory compliance. Our certified safety management professionals have spent years developing a unique approach to allow Safety Inspection companies an automated, and intuitive platform. All while ensuring the AHJ’s have an efficient way to track and manage progress, allowing them more time to do other fire safety tasks.

Elevate your Safety

LIV provides an intuitive platform that assists scheduling required safety inspections pertinent to your jurisdiction. It also eases the responsibilities of the AHJ and saves time, by providing automated reports and analytics. contact us now

Expert Built Workflows

Our inspection reports and workflows can be customized to meet the needs of each Jurisdiction and AHJ. We can provide a custom approach for each premise in your area, all while maintaining an automated workflow approach.


LIV is simple, easy to use and intuitive. Our team is dynamic and our platform is too. We’re able to make adjustments and changes with ease to meet the demands required to maintain a safe and compliant community.

Features and Function List

A safety compliance management solution with the right capabilities that are key to your success.

Get Things Done

Gain insight into performance of premise and inspections, and act immediately.

Track Performance

See at a glance, inspection reports, deficiencies and compliance.

Centralized Data

Maintain a full record of premise reports and details.

ITM software solution

Why is Inspection, Testing and Maintenance so Critically Important?

Fire equipment such as fire sprinklers provide an essential life safety component to protect life and property. Having proper fire equipment and safety equipment provides confidence and assurance that life and property are protected.

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