Life Safety Inspection Vault

Life Safety Inspection Vault (LIV) is a solution provided to the local Fire Department, service companies, building owners, and the community. LIV has developed an online web application that collects, organizes, and stores fire and life safety reports pertaining to inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM). We have digital, customizable reports, saving inspection companies time and paper, while providing the AHJ a familiar report that is easy to read.
LIV’s dashboard gives a full overview of your jurisdiction. LIV tracks when inspections are due for renewal, past due, or have deficiencies. Automatic notifications are sent to building owner/managers. Delivering real time information helps fire marshals enforce code, and saves time.
LIV has combined a web-based application with in depth face to face training with every jurisdiction. We are able to partner with each community, allowing for a more complete and comprehensive action plan.


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