Benefits for AHJ

100% Compliance

Helps achieve 100% compliance in your jurisdiction

Track Resources

Tracks inspection companies, inspectors, and licenses

Saves Time

Provides additional resources saving time


Collects, organizes, and stores all your ITM reports

Automatic Reminders

Schedule and automate reminders

Enhances Communication

Enhance your communication between premises and inspectors

Benefits for Service Provider

Customer Retention

Increases customer retention

Equal Opportunity

Creates fair and honest market

Enhances Communication

Enhances communication between all parties

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue and customers

Digital inspection reports and notices

Schedule and automate reminders

Simplifies scheduling process

Receive reminders for upcoming inspection due dates and notices

Benefits for the Community

Automated Notices

Receive automatic reminders and notices


Peace of mind in your inspections


Learn about system types and inspection intervals

Cost Savings

Opportunity for savings on insurance premiums


Enhances communication between all parties

Safer Community

With LIV everyone wins!


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